W2Connect we take care of your cybersecurity. We configure, advise and audit your hardware and software elements. We educate the users of your company to identify phishing attacks, malware, ramsonware, etc.

Internal Penetration Testing and External Penetration Testing

In W2Connect we believe that the value of a company is formed by its people.


According to the definition of ISACA (for its acronym in English «Information Systems Audit and Control Association»), cybersecurity is the «protection of information assets, through the treatment of threats that put at risk the information that is processed, stored and transported by the information systems that are interconnected ”.

On the other hand, the ISO 27001 standard defines information assets as “knowledge or data that have value for an organization”, while information systems include “the applications, services, information technology assets or other components that allow the handling of it ”.

The foregoing means that the cybersecurity concept is a subset of information security and focuses on the protection of digital information that resides, is processed and / or transmitted in interconnected systems.

The objective of managing cybersecurity is to reduce the risks in this area to an acceptable level for those interested and, therefore, should include all those activities aimed at implementing adequate protection measures.


Our value offer consists of supporting and advising our clients in the evaluation and implementation of a cybersecurity model, which allows them to reasonably manage the risks associated with this concept.

Some of the services we offer as part of our advice are:

a) Evaluation, identification and diagnosis of the main cybersecurity risks in the company, including proposed solutions.

b) Consulting to identify and mitigate early cybersecurity risks in projects and business initiatives.

c) Cybersecurity audit.

d) Generation of a formally documented internal regulatory framework (policies, procedures, norms and standards) for cybersecurity risk management.

e) Advice for the implementation of a cybersecurity management model.