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About us

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for companies of all sizes.

In an increasingly digitalized world, organizations are exposed to a number of cyber risks that can have a devastating impact on their business.

W2C is a cybersecurity company based in Palma. We offer a wide range of cybersecurity services to help businesses protect their digital assets.

Proactive detection of security incidents

Proactive detection of security incidents is essential to minimize the impact of an attack. 

Our proactive security incident detection services include:

1. Monitoring your systems and networks

2. Log analysis

3. Incident notification

Auditorías de ciberseguridad

Cybersecurity audits

Cybersecurity audits are an effective way to assess the state of your organization's security. Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your security systems and processes to identify any vulnerabilities or deficiencies.

Our cybersecurity audit services include:

1. Risk analysis

2. Penetration test

3. Vulnerability analysis

4. Recommendations for improvement

Protecting workstations and servers

Workstations and servers are common targets of cyber attacks.

Our workstation and server protection services include:

1. Security of operating systems

2. Application security

3. Data security
4. ZTNA Connectivity

Continuous staff training: protect your most valuable asset

Your staff is your most valuable asset. Our ongoing staff training services will help you educate your employees about cyber risks and how to protect themselves.

Our training courses include:

1. Security of the information

2.Security of computer systems

3. Security of mobile devices

Protect and manage mobile devices with MDM: keep your mobile devices secure

Mobile devices are increasingly common in companies.

Our MDM mobile device protection and management services include:

1. Device acquisition, configuration and deployment

2.Application and policy management

3.Data security

Our technologies

CATO Networks

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